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SGA Assembly Passes Budget Proposal to Fund Campus Improvement Projects

The Student Government Association Assembly approved the SGA rollover budget proposal. This resolution will use built-up funds from the SGA budget to spur three campus improvement projects. These projects include: new water filtration stations, expanded key card access for academic spaces, and allowing for 24-hour Starbucks access through the installation of a security gate.

“By focusing on these three areas we are able to emphasize sustainability efforts as well as expanding the access of campus soft and study space,” said SGA Vice President of Administration Austin Del Priore. “Sustainability and soft-space access have long been priorities of SGA, so we are excited to commit even further with the funding of these projects.”

In total, SGA is committing $105,000 to fund renovations that will positively affect current and future students.

“We are very happy that these projects will enhance the student experience at Butler for years to come,” said SGA President Chad Pingel. “Our goal was to identify areas which are frequently utilized by students, and enhance them even further with these renovations.”


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Sofia Valdivia
SGA Public Relations

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