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See where and when to support your fellow Dawgs here.

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Summer Peanut Butter INVASION

Hello everyone!  There is only one condiment in the world that I can really identify as nutritious, satisfying and extremely versatile — peanut  butter.  Whether it is in a bowl or a box, in a smoothie or oatmeal,  I want you to see how easy the PB life is!  Here are a few of my …

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photo credit: Daily Mail

Love Fitness and Following the World Cup? READ THIS!

Every four years, many wait to celebrate summer by watching soccer, “football,” or “footy” played by the world’s best.  The last World Cup, hosted by South Africa in 2010, had a total of 3,170,856 attendees during all 64 matches (FIFA, 2014) and its popularity continues to grow.  Our very own U.S. team trains an average of three …

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