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first semester 045

Welcome Back!

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A COLD visit to Whitby Beach, UK back in May!

Welcome Back! A Summer Fitness Timeline

Hello all and welcome back to campus!  As the semester begins to unfold, I would like to take a minute and reflect on  summer.  Looking back, everything seemed to fly, but I actually managed to do a lot!  Below is a timeline outlining all of my fitness/healthy foodie finds and training over the past few months.  …

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Summer Peanut Butter INVASION

Hello everyone!  There is only one condiment in the world that I can really identify as nutritious, satisfying and extremely versatile — peanut  butter.  Whether it is in a bowl or a box, in a smoothie or oatmeal,  I want you to see how easy the PB life is!  Here are a few of my …

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